This web site is created by Dr LUBINO-BISSAINTE Myriam and Mr ITO Hidemi.


Myriam Lubino-Bissainte is a Doctor of Earth Sciences of the University of Pierre and Marie Curie of Paris VI (UPMC VI).

She is the Director General of MIRAI Sustainable Development Consultancy. This Agency replace the ancient BISMANPRINTVEC.

MIRAI Sustainable Development Consultancy  is specialized in audit, consulting, expertise and management of all natural, technological and professional linked risks, in order to help politicians, economic and industrial managers, schools, and all the other population of a region or a country in living with risks and practicing a sustainable development for their country. In this agency  there are four departments call C.R.E.E.(Consultancy, Research, Education, Edition).

From 2011 until today she is working with her scientific advisor ITO  Hidemi  who had worked until the end of March, 2011 at JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) and its affiliated organization    MRI (Meteorological Research Institute) as the  director  general of seismological and volcanological  division . His main research field is analysis of seismic activities based on statistical methods, and computer simulation of earthquake generation. The products obtained were used to improve the services provided by JMA., he lead a project to upgrade the system of JMA for earthquake analysis, tsunami forecast and volcanic monitoring.  He served on some  national  committees related to disaster mitigation of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. He is willing to deliver lectures to the public to disseminate recent developments in mitigation of natural disasters.


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